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Alzheimers Special Care Unit

Morningside's Special Care Unit was created to provide a safe, carefree and secure atmosphere for those individuals diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Created in 1991 to ensure a safe and controlled environment for wandering habits of Alzheimer's residents. The residents are provided with a schedule of daily activities to encourage their full potential which is coordinated by our Alzheimer's Unit Advisor.Alzheimers Unit

The Alzheimer’s Dementia Specialty Care Unit has a capacity of 12 residents with both private and semi-private rooms. The recreational/dining room has been remodeled to provide sufficient space during meals and activities. Activities are the foundation of care. Every event, encounter or exchange is an activity. Residents enjoy daily activities of participating in arts and crafts, reminiscing of family photos and scrapbooks, reading short stories or poems and utilizing various cognitive, sensory and physical programs. Residents also enjoy scheduled musical programs. PatioAs we all know, music has the power to make connections. It can bring a group together, aid in reminiscence and conversation and can also provide motivation.

Activities enable each individual to socially interact with loved ones and peers to improve their quality of life in every way. The residents participate in various activities that are scheduled twice a day, seven days a week. As you can see by the pictures shown, the residents have created a beautiful landscape of flowers and decor in the safe and enclosed outdoor patio.  Outside they can sit on the park benches and glider on sunnyResidents Room afternoons or tend the flowers by watering and weeding them. Every week each resident is given the opportunity to attend church and other programs available in the care center dining room.

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